Pia Nyakairu

Pia lives for the emotional and colorful adventures music creates (you can always find her plugged in dancing somewhere). It’s these impactful experiences that Pia brings with her while spending her days designing interactive, seamless and beneficial healthcare experiences. The Ugandan Industrial Designer-turned-UI/UX Designer is part of a multidisciplinary team at Healthcare Human Factors in Toronto, whose aim is to make healthcare invisible and people-centered (because healthcare involves more than the patient!). Her journey designing health began during her last year in the Industrial Design program at Carleton where shortly after graduating she had the opportunity to present her work at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Pia has worked on some captivating projects including a pain management app for kids with Chronic pain, an app designed to simplify diabetes and a symptom tracker for Heart Failure patients which is on the way to being implemented in her home country, Uganda.